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Erborian: skincare in the Asian tradition

The brand name Erborian comes from the French term ’herbes d’Orient’, or herbs of the Orient. The skincare brand Erborian has its origin in South Korea and combines traditional Asian medicinal herbs with modern technology.

In 2007 Erborian brought the first products onto the market and has pursued the same goal right up until today: Unique and effective facial skincare that is easy to use and covers your entire skincare routine.

What’s special about Erborian cosmetics is that the products are both suitable for long-term skincare and also have the effect of make-up. So the skin tone can be corrected naturally, guaranteeing a radiant and beautiful complexion.

What are Erborian cosmetics about?

Erborian cosmetics are based on a three-step concept:

  1. Erborian detox: double cleansing.
  2. Erborian boost: double hydration.
  3. Erborian finish: balanced skin.

This concept means the skin is double-cleansed, then well-hydrated and finally finished with hybrid products that create a radiant, make-up effect.

The Erborian ingredients

Erborian selects cosmetics that are not tested on animals and are free from harmful substances such as parabens, triclosan, oxybenzone, formaldehyde and sulphates. Instead, high-quality ingredients are used, which are tested in a laboratory in the South Korean capital Seoul, and finally combined as effectively as possible. The ingredients are:

  • natural
  • efficient
  • unique
  • potent

Asian medicinal plants and herbs give the products their special twist and make Erborian stand out from its competitors. Korean red ginseng, in particular, appears in many Erborian products, as with regular use it creates a radiant complexion. Ginkgo biloba, ginger, licorice and chestnut extract, and also green plums, are other effective ingredients in the products.

Shop Erborian and rethink your own skincare routine

At parfumdreams you can shop Erborian and choose from a wide range of products. You will find products for facial cleansing, to supply the skin with important nutrients and for long-term skincare, while concealing small blemishes at the same time, if necessary. This makes Erborian a special skincare brand.