Pure Style Women's fragrances by Betty Barclay

Betty Barclay Pure Style is a puristic scent range for modern, self-confident women. Pure Style captures the exciting sensation of the lifestyle in a new perfume. A scent for women who enjoy life and fashion. The family brand Betty Barclay Fragrances is a constant source of new surprises and has held a successful position within the perfume market for 17 years. One ingredient in its recipe for success is its diversity, paired with pure femininity. Since the middle of April 2010, Betty Barclay Fragrances have been discovering a new side to themselves and forging new pathways within the boundaries of modern womanliness. The new fragrance concept Betty Barclay Pure Style is aimed particularly at the modern and self-confident (business-) woman, who stands out thanks to her high level of affinity towards lifestyle topics.