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Facial care by BioEffect

The BioEffect range offers effective anti-ageing skincare, based on and produced according to scientific insights. It contains natural ingredients and is exceptionally kind to the skin. All cosmetic products marketed by BioEffect are extensively tested in advance for their gentleness to the skin and for their effectiveness. The facial care range consists of serums, creams and other skincare products, which can of course easily be combined with each other. The first results are already visible and obvious to the touch after just a few weeks.

Because your body deserves BioEffect!

The facial care is, like all the brand’s products, produced in greenhouses which are powered by geothermal energy. This means that the products not only provide comprehensive nourishment to the face, but are also produced in a completely environmentally friendly manner. The brand is particularly well known in Iceland, where recent studies show that more than 30% of women use products from the organic brand. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, the products should be used according to the instructions. Normally this means daily application is required, occasionally several times a day. The facial care not only helps to prevent early signs of ageing, but also combats those which have already appeared. /BioEffect/Anti-Aging-Skincare/Facial-Care
9128 BioEffect Anti-Aging Skincare Body Care The body care range from BioEffect ensures rich, gentle and effective nourishment from head to foot and A to Z. Of course, all the products in the range are based on scientific insights, as customers expect from BioEffect, and have been created according to biotechnological research. The excellent body care products have anti-ageing effects, but are also ideally suited to preventing signs of ageing. Thanks to the gentle concepts and the scientific basis, the products are suited to all skin types, both genders, and every age.

Organic products with high efficacy.

The multifaceted choice of products means that problem zones can be targeted and treated individually, both for men and women. The body care with anti-ageing effects ensures firmer skin, which appears vitalised and healthier thanks to its newly acquired elasticity and feels noticeably more pleasant to the touch. All products in the BioEffect range are subjected to various scientific tests before launch, which not only confirm their skin compatibility but also provide the basis for the product’s functioning. For example, the tests show which period of application leads to which improvements. /BioEffect/Anti-Aging-Skincare/Body-Care
8359 Biotherm Biotherm Homme Age Fitness Age Fitness is a cosmetic product from the product range Biotherm Homme. Those who have already used Biotherm products will know how effective they are. The cream is quickly absorbed into the skin and does not leave an unwelcome greasy film behind. What makes the product special is its rapid effectiveness: the beneficial effects can already be felt just a few seconds after application.

Innovation and quality in the cosmetics segment.

With Age Fitness , you can benefit from skin which appears younger and more taut. The cream contains olive extracts, which provide the skin with plenty of moisture. The skin’s appearance becomes fresher, and its ability to regenerate is improved. /Biotherm/Biotherm-Homme/Age-Fitness
9733 Biotherm Biotherm Homme Age Fitness Advanced Biotherm has been one of the leading cosmetic brands in the anti-ageing area since the 1980s, and uses natural ingredients to enhance beauty and combat skin ageing. The product range Biotherm Homme is targeted specifically at male skin, and Age Fitness Advanced offers various products from cosmetics to high quality skincare. Algae such as spirulina or life plankton, which play a key role in the production of modern skincare products, form the basis and ensure men of visible effects with regular use.

Use Biotherm Homme to ensure aesthetically pleasing mature male skin.

The product range Age Fitness Advanced offers a day cream and a night cream, as well as a special fluid for application around the eyes. Biotherm relies on the power of nature for all of its cosmetic articles, combined with other ingredients which have emerged from decades of research by the renowned quality manufacturers. Besides Age Fitness Advanced, Biotherm also offers other cosmetics for both men and women, which you can find out about in our online shop. Every online order guarantees an attractive price for the care of your maturing skin! /Biotherm/Biotherm-Homme/Age-Fitness-Advanced
8360 Biotherm Biotherm Homme Age Refirm Age Refirm is a cosmetic product from the Biotherm range. The skincare from the Biotherm Homme range is quickly absorbed and does not leave an unwelcome greasy film behind. Age Refirm ensures rapid alleviation of wrinkles and gives the skin a taut and youthful appearance. Smaller wrinkles are immediately reduced thanks to the formulation with tautening polymer.

Innovative skincare for the body.

Age Refirm is based on a formulation with plant-based products. Biopeptide improves the metabolism of the fibroblasts, which are responsible for the skin’s firmness. Thermal plankton and organic silicon boosts their functioning many times over. The skincare product also contains glycerine and karate butter, which provide plenty of moisture and give the skin a smooth appearance. The UVA and UVB filters protect the skin from sun damage and contribute to the all-round success of its appearance. /Biotherm/Biotherm-Homme/Age-Refirm
8369 Biotherm Biotherm Homme Aquafitness If you’re searching for cosmetic products, you’ve found what you’re looking for with Biotherm! Aquafitnessis a skincare product from the Biotherm Homme range. The composition is enriched with seawater, giving it natural healing powers. Applying the product is as refreshing as a fresh sea breeze. The composition is enriched with seawater, giving it natural healing powers. Skincare of the highest quality. With Aquafitness, you can take advantage of revitalising skincare. The product not only contains seawater, but also minerals and natural trace elements. The formulation is free of parabens and is 98% biodegradable. The scent of seawater ensures a cool and pleasant feeling on the skin. Let yourself be inspired by skincare which has caught up people all over the world! /Biotherm/Biotherm-Homme/Aquafitness
8361 Biotherm Biotherm Homme Aquapower Aquapower is a product range from Biotherm which provides plenty of moisture in an especially gentle manner, without leaving an unpleasant greasy film on the skin. The range from Biotherm Homme is made up of several ultra moisturising creams and lotions, which have been specially developed for dry male skin. The Biotherm cosmetics are intended to hydrate the skin, right down to the lowest layers, in the process targeting and banishing dry areas and feelings of tightness.

Limitless fresh feeling for men.

The skin feels noticeably more nourished and better hydrated only a short time after application of products from the Aquapower series. The products are composed of pure thermal plankton, which has a moisturising effect and is absorbed directly into the skin cells. In addition, oligo minerals and vitamins provide a revitalising effect, which also ensures smooth skin and an even complexion. The healthy fresh feeling strengthens the skin and helps men to sustainably balance their moisture levels, even if the dry skin is extremely sensitive or quickly irritated. In order to also offer these skin types nourishing products, the Biotherm products are manufactured with a basis of natural essences. /Biotherm/Biotherm-Homme/Aquapowe
8370 Biotherm Biotherm Homme Day Control Deodorants Biotherm Day Control – well-groomed masculinity for a perfect day. An anti-transpirant deodorant just like sporty and active men wish for. Day Control regulates perspiration, without interfering with the natural balance. Biological substances ensure the product is kind to the skin. Biotherm is a pioneer of men’s cosmetics and knows what is important. Nourishing and effective. Pleasantly fresh. Whether it’s as a roll-on or a dry spray –

the skincare range from Biotherm Homme offers the perfect solution for every man and every requirement.

The roll-on is particularly convenient to use. The liquid creamy texture of the deodorant refreshes the skin and makes it smooth. The Natural Protection deodorant relies on an all round biological texture. Aloe vera and orange blossom extracts exude a dry, masculine scent – gently nourishing and also effective directly after shaving. The anti-perspirant spray is quickly absorbed. The light and powdery consistency on the skin is pleasantly dry and non-sticky. All round groomed, natural, masculine. All the Day Control products win customers over thanks to the feel-good effect on the skin. No residues on skin or clothing. Biotherm Homme – each man can decide for himself how much skincare he deserves. /Biotherm/Biotherm-Homme/Day-Control-Deodorants
7552 Biotherm Biotherm Homme Force With Force, Biotherm offers facial and skincare products for men. These products are all made with natural ingredients and at the same time safeguard naturalness. The skin is provided with moisture, which ensures it once more appears fresh and even. /Biotherm/Biotherm-Homme/Force
8362 Biotherm Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Force Supremeis a cosmetic product from the Biotherm skincare range “Biotherm Homme”. The eye care is suitable for both normal and mature skin. Application is easy: results are visible after only a short period of time.

Effective eye care from Biotherm.

Force Supreme is a skincare product which reveals itself to be extremely deeply penetrating. The vital functions of the eye contour area are immediately reactivated with triple action. Wrinkles and dark circles are instantly alleviated. Swellings are rapidly reduced. The eye area in general appears fresher and more animated. Let yourself be inspired by a living classic of modern eye care and take advantage of a skincare product which has already cast a spell over thousands of women all over the world. /Biotherm/Biotherm-Homme/Force-Supreme
8371 Biotherm Biotherm Homme Gel Douche Vitalité The Gel Douche Vitalité is a cosmetic product from the Biotherm range “Biotherm Homme”. The refreshing shower gel transforms within a few seconds into a frothy foam, which softly surrounds the body and gently frees it from impurities. The Gel Douche Vitalité ensures sparkling freshness and provides the body with an enlivening energy. The shower gel is rich in moisturising ingredients and mineral salts.

Beneficial skincare for the body.

The innovative shower gel contains active washing substances with glycerine and ginseng extract. For a successful shower experience, all you need is a medium sized portion of gel, which foams up in the hand with the addition of water. The foam can then be massaged into the head and the body. After a few minutes the foam can then be rinsed away. /Biotherm/Biotherm-Homme/Gel-Douche-Vitalite
8365 Biotherm Biotherm Homme Shaving, Cleansing, Peeling. The Shaving, Cleansing, Peeling products from Biotherm Homme offer men all the properties required for healthy skin, which later results in an even, flawless complexion. The Biotherm cosmetics are based on natural essences and are extremely gentle to skin. The different products either cover several features or can be used separately. Naturally, the nourishing products of the Biotherm Homme series are ideal for combining with each other and can also, depending on the product, be used daily.

Well-groomed skin thanks to nourishing cosmetics.

The nourishing products are perfect for men who want to make the most of their skin. Aftershaves ensure that inflammation and spots do not appear after shaving. Refined shaving foams and gels can also be used complementarily. The cleanser from Biotherm removes dirt, sweat and sebum from the skin, allowing the pores to breathe and regenerate again. This also ensures no annoying spots and irritations. Finally, the peeling removes dead skin cells and prevents the pores from becoming blocked. In addition, it stimulates the healthy exchange of new and old skin cells. /Biotherm/Biotherm-Homme/Rasur,-Reinigung,-Peeling
8385 Biotherm Biotherm Homme T-Pur T-Pur is a cosmetic product by Biotherm. The skincare from the Biotherm Homme range impresses customers thanks to its high level of efficiency. The skin is cleansed by many mineral microparticles and freed from dirt right down to the pores. There is no unwanted greasy film left behind on the skin: after cleansing the product can be simply and easily rinsed off.

Effective skincare product with active ingredients.

T-Puris a Biotherm Homme product whose cleansing effect is enhanced by ginger extracts and sebum-regulating active ingredients. It refines the pores and provides the skin with plenty of moisture. Salicylic acid and pumice stone give the skin an exquisite even appearance. /Biotherm/Biotherm-Homme/T-Pur
7524 Biotherm Fragrances Eau d’Énergie Eau d’Énergie Eau d’Energie by Biotherm consists of sunripened fruits and has a sensual refreshing scent. The products from this range are also moisturising and their application makes the skin pleasantly soft and smooth. /Biotherm/Fragrances/Eau-d’energie
9869 Biotherm Fragrances Eau Fraîche With the Eau de Toilette Spray Eau Fraiche from Biotherm, women who love natural fragrances can experience the epitome of endless freshness. The perfume from the eponymous product range has a cool, fresh scent, which is as stimulating as a fragrant summer rainshower. This unique women’s fragrance has been composed by perfumers with nuances of pear, coriander seeds and precious jasmine. The perfume Eau Fraiche is ideal for women of every age.

A moment of peace in harmony with nature

– Biotherm Fragrances. Biotherm’s perfumers let nature inspire them when creating this scent. Thanks to their proximity to natures, fragrances are created which are natural and pleasant to wear. The perfume is available as an eau de toilette spray and can be worn for every occasion and also in every day life. The handy flaçon with an atomiser fits in every handbag. Particularly after your morning or evening shower, the scent develops its invigorating and refreshing effect. /Biotherm/Fragrances/Eau-Fraiche
8268 Biotherm Fragrances Eau Océane The perfume Eau Océane links with the traditional product philosophy of Biotherm. Powerful ingredients from the sea and the ocean enrich the label’s aquatic cosmetic range of facial and skincare. The composition of the perfume harmonises perfectly with this, with its fragrance evoking a refreshing sea breeze. Fresh scent for skin and sense. Nuances of citrus fruits, water fruits and algae extracts come into play here. Not only the aromatic facets of Eau Océane contribute to a sense of wellbeing. The perfume feels pleasantly invigorating on the skin when applied. The refreshing fragrances are also available from Biotherm as a shower gel and as a gift set. /Biotherm/Fragrances/Eau-Oceane
7526 Biotherm Fragrances Eau Pure Whether it’s as a perfume, a deodorant or a shower gel: the fragrances from Biotherm are convincing. With Eau Pure, a perfume has been created which wins customers over with its unusual and unmistakable aroma. The ingredients include sage and lime. These plants have been renowned for millennia for their fresh and cheering scents. In combination with the perfected formulation from Biotherm, the skin is simultaneously provided with moisture.

Seduction out of the flaçon.

Eau Pure is enjoying an ever-growing popularity. The fragrance is fresh and seductive. This signals joie de vivre and cheerfulness. Even small quantities of the perfume are enough to dive into a world full of passion and harmony. Whether it’s in your free time, in your professional life or in your everyday life: With the fragrances from Biotherm you can take advantage of an unmistakable recognition factor! /Biotherm/Fragrances/Eau-Pure
7523 Biotherm Fragrances Eau Vitaminée Eau Vitaminee by Biotherm has a refreshing, lively effect. The scent is extremely invigorating for body and spirit thanks to citrus essences. The outstanding, light skincare range for hot summer days. /Biotherm/Fragrances/Eau-Vitaminee
8331 Biotherm Facial Care Age Fitness Age Fitness by Biotherm is an innovative facial care product with olive for the first wrinkles. The skin’s resilience is fortified, making it healthier, smoother and fresher. /Biotherm/Facial-Care/Age-Fitness
8334 Biotherm Facial Care Aquasource Aquasource by Biotherm is a thirst quencher for the skin. With pure thermal water as well as oligo minerals and naturally thermal plankton extracts. The skin’s own regeneration is superbly stimulated. The products have an irresistible fresh texture. /Biotherm/Facial-Care/Aquasource
8332 Biotherm Facial Care Aquasource Biosensitive Aquasource Biosensitive has a calming effect on the skin. The skincare is light and soothing for the skin. The skincare products are also ideal for sensitive skin, as they are free from alcohol and unperfumed. Redness, feelings of tightness and scaliness are are counteracted. A very pleasant skincare range. /Biotherm/Facial-Care/Aquasource-Biosensitive
10296 Biotherm Facial Care Aquasource Cocoon The skincare Aquasource Cocoon from the Aquasource product range of the French skincare company Biotherm is a facial cream for normal to dry skin. The light gel texture constitutes the ideal facial care for both hot, dry summers and cold winters. The Aquasource product range is distinguished above all by its main active ingredients of life plankton from the oceans and mannose which hydrate deep into the skin and naturally regenerate the skin. The product family offers a range of skincare articles such as face creams, nourishing and cleansing gels, serums, facial toners, exfoliants and invigorating masks, both for normal and for dry skin. The skin of the face is given a naturally healthy, fresh appearance by these fine cosmetic products.

Ingredients and their special properties:

The Aquasource Cocoon facial care from Biotherm contains a high concentration of stimulating cell water from pure thermal plankton. It contains 36 essential nutrients which help the skin to regenerate. In the products of the Aquasource range, the plankton’s cell water is combined with the patented ingredient mannose, which provides a high level of moisture and penetrates to the deepest layers of the epidermis. The active complex penetrates through up to five layers of skin. This This provides the skin with moisture and nutrients, not just on the surface but also deep down. The skin’s moisture levels are refilled and the skin is revitalised. The The Aquasource Cocoon skincare envelops the skin with smoothness and makes it silky smooth and soft to the touch, as well as giving it a healthy appearance. The product protects and moisturises the skin for 48 hours. The texture of this cosmetic product is quickly absorbed, without leaving an oily layer on the skin.


The Aquasource Facial Cream Cocoon from Biotherm is a day cream for feminine skin and ideal for regular use. For optimal results and permanent protection, this product is applied every morning and/or evening to freshly cleansed skin. ttp://
8335 Biotherm Facial Care Aquasource Skin Perfection The Facial Care Aquasource Skin Perfection is a cosmetic product from Biotherm. The skincare contains over 35 million microspheres which ensures the skin has an optimal appearance. Thanks to the thermal plankton, you can take advantage of an optimal level of effectiveness that ensures the skin appears youthful and firm.

Ideal nourishment for the skin.

With Aquasource Skin Perfection , you can benefit from youthful, healthy skin. Using the facial care is surprising: After application, the skin’s temperature decreases by two degrees Celsius. The skin seems to be surrounded by a layer of ice, which cleanses it from impurities. After just one application, you can benefit from perfectly moisturised skin and an even complexion. /Biotherm/Facial-Care/Aquasource-Skin-Perfection
8336 Biotherm Facial Care Biocils Biocilsis a facial care product from Biotherm. The cosmetic product aids the removal of waterproof eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner. Products are becoming ever more aggressive: make up removal is extremely stressful for the eyelashes. In the worst case scenario, individual eyelashes can even snap and break. With Biocils, you can benefit from an eye make up remover which provides the eyelashes with plenty of nurturing ingredients, protecting them from snapping.

Innovative skincare product with effective properties.

Biotherm has spared no cost or effort when developing this facial care product. The innovative formula is based on complexes from the field of hair research. The complex contains citric acid, L-arginine and madecassoside. The eyelashes’ natural structure is strengthened and you benefit from stronger, fuller and more attractive eyelashes after just one application. /Biotherm/Facial-Care/Biocils
8338 Biotherm Facial Care Biopur The Biopur Facial Care from Biotherm has been specially developed for combination and oily skin and, with regular usage, ensures clear skin which does not become oily as quickly. Thanks to this product line, Biotherm is setting new standards in the cosmetics market. The Pore Inside Technology, developed specially for the Biopur products, ensures that the perfectly balanced ingredients, such as copper, zinc, thermal plankton and saponin water penetrate into the skin and cut down the excessive production of sebum.

Perfect nourishment for healthy, clear skin.

The individual products in the skincare range are perfectly harmonised with each other. The gentle cleansing gel frees the skin from dirt and excess grease. Simultaneously, special active ingredients in the facial care ensure the regulation of sebum production. Pores become less visible and the skin is lastingly mattified. The cosmetic range offers a complementary moisturising fluid, which provides plenty of moisture to your skin but still has a mattifying effect. The pure thermal plankton it contains protects the skin from harmful environmental impacts. If your skin tends to often suffer from impurities, the balancing moisturising skincare products of the Biotherm range are ideal, as they gently but effectively dissolve calluses, regulate sebum production and rapidly reduce impurities. The Biopur fluid can be used supplementarily on inflamed areas of skin against spots and blackheads. The facial skincare of this cosmetic range is optimally complemented by the fast-acting cleansing mask, which has an exfoliatory effect. It softens dead skin cells and thus helps to prevent the formation of new impurities. /Biotherm/Facia-Care/Biopur
8333 Biotherm Facial Care Biosource Biosource by Biotherm gently and mildly removes make up residues from the skin. In addition, extracts of pure thermal plankton simultaneously provide moisture as well as soothing the skin. Biosource offers various products for all cleansing routines. After usage, the skin feels as if you’ve been on a walk by the sea. Fresh and pure and optimally prepared for the skincare routine to follow. Products are available for normal and combination skin, as well as for dry skin. /Biotherm/Facial-Care/Biosource
8714 Biotherm Facial Care Blue Therapy The use of plankton in the composition of effective cosmetic formulations is typical for the traditional Biotherm brand. The b>facial care Blue Therapy, developed in 2012, also relies on a combination of substances from the world’s oceans and seas. Exceptionally powerful ingredients from three different bodies of water are the secret of the blue range of cosmetics. The

power of the oceans for a youthful complexion.

Among others, thermal plankton from the Atlantic and from the fresh water Klamath Lake contribute to an intensive facial skincare product, which convincingly combats signs of ageing such as wrinkles or loss of firmness. The skincare range includes various products for normal and dry skin, which complement each other. For example, the combination of the day cream and the night cream from Biotherm’s Blue Therapy collection is recommended. /Biotherm/Facial-Care/Blue-Therapy
8340 Biotherm Facial Care Nutrisource Nutrisource is a facial care range with special properties from the Biotherm cosmetic institute. The rich creams, gels and fluids contain the purest oils from natural plants, as well as thermal plankton and special ceramides. Stressed skin of the face is nourished with these specially designed products, and nurtured with important nutrients, vitamins and moisture without leaving a greasy film behind.

Rich nourishment and protection for the skin – Nutrisource.

Biotherm’s Baume Riche Balsam possesses these special qualities. The balsam, produced according to a specially developed formulation, nourishes the skin and provides plenty of moisture to dry facial skin. The Nutrisource range of cosmetics from Biotherm additionally offers intensive skincare and optimal protection from harmful environmental influences. The rich balsam, with its pure oils of coriander, macademia, apricot, passionflower and jojoba, is ideal for daily facial care. Thanks to the ceramides and extracts of pure thermal plankton in the formulation, the balsam from the unique cosmetics range is rich in lipids with affinity to the skin. The facial care products are recommended for women with dry and mature skin and can be used daily. /Biotherm/Facial-Care/Nutrisource
8386 Biotherm Facial Care Pure-Fect Skin The Pure-Fect Skin skincare range from Biotherm is excellently suited for effective facial care. The cosmetic product helps combat impurities and gives the skin a clean, fresh appearance. The skin’s natural elasticity is improved, the appearance of the skin becomes more youthful and firmer.

Gentle nourishment for the skin.

The skincare range Pure-Fect Skin is ideal for blemished, combination and oily skin. The astonishing effects are visible after a single application. The skincare is quickly absorbed and cleanses the skin without leaving an unwanted greasy film behind. Let yourself be convinced by an innovative and highly effective skincare range! /Biotherm/Facial-Care/Pure-Fect-Skin
8342 Biotherm Facial Care Rides Repair With the facial care range Rides Repair, Biotherm declares war on the “signs of the times” with highly effective cosmetics products. Day and night skincare products as well as an intensive smoothing eyecare prevent the formation of wrinkles, alleviate pre-existing wrinkles and revitalise the skin of the face.

Rides Repair Facial Care – effective wrinkle reduction around the clock.

Biotherm uses a formulation with silicon and pure thermal plankton in the cosmetic range’s day cream. The facial skin care improves the skin’s ability to regenerate and strengthens its natural protection mechanisms. The skin appears visibly refined, and wrinkles are intensively reduced. The Rides Repair night cream activates the skin’s natural anti-wrinkle mechanisms with organic silicon. During the night, the Repair Complex supports the natural regeneration of the skin, which is weighed down by environmental influences and UV radiation, and also protects the cells from new pressures. The skin appears visibly younger. The Biotherm day and night creams are available for normal to combination skin and for dry skin. The intensive smoother eyecare refines the skin’s appearance with silicon and smoothes surface wrinkles. Hydroxyproline activates the skin’s natural regeneration and alleviates deep wrinkles. The eye area appears younger, and the gaze seems relaxed. /Biotherm/Facial-Care/Rides-Repair
9732 Biotherm Facial Care Skin Best Skin Best is a new facial care range from Biotherm. The unique effect of the high quality cosmetic products is achieved thanks to a special formulation containing ocean algae. The blue-green alga spirulina provides the facial skin with nutrients. This ocean alga contains more than twice as much protein as soya. The astaxanthin contained in the red-green alga H-Pluvialis belongs to the natural antioxidants, gives the skin of the face a healthy and youthful appearance and is a natural protection against harmful UVA rays.

Skin Best – facial care with the power of ocean algae.

So that women of all skin types can benefit from the power of ocean algae, the day cream in the cosmetic range from Biotherm is available for normal and dry skin. To complete the facial care range, a Night Balm, an Eye Cream and a concentrated Serum are also available. Women can make use of the Skin Best CC Cream with SPF 25 for natural sun protection. The effectiveness of the high quality Biotherm skincare products is reinforced by daily usage and using the individual products in combination with each other, improving the skin’s appearance. /Biotherm/Facial-Care/Skin-Best
8344 Biotherm Facial Care Skin Vivo The skincare range Skin Vivo makes it possible: an even, youthful appearance. With the reversible facial care, Biotherm offers effective help in combating a major cause of visible signs of ageing: micro injuries to the skin cell’s DNA.

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