Shaving foam Uomo by Da Vinci

Da Vinci Uomo Shaving Foam for the classic shave

For decades now, the company has produced high-quality brushes for artists, make-up professionals and you at home. From the first day of product to the present day the brushes have always been hand-finished. They consist partly of high-quality synthetic fibres, and partly of fine natural hairs and bristles. This makes the brushes very well suited even for those with allergies. There’s the right brush for every occasion, from fine eyelid brushes to shaving brushes for men. So bringing out a corresponding Shaving Foam was a logical next step.

The Uomo Shaving Foam from Da Vinci should be seen as a way of rounding off the men’s range. The Foam is stored in a practical metal can in silver and blue. This manes the Foam can be taken on trips with ease do that you can shave just as you do at home no matter where you are. The delicate foam cares for skin even during shaving and gives off a pleasant, fresh fragrance. With Uomo Da Vinci is making a contribution to gently pampering and caring even for men’s skin.