Fragrances, Body and Face of Declaré

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Did you know?

Declaré was brought to life in the late 1970s in Switzerland. Declaré offered the first skin care lines in the world that were specially created for very sensitive skin. In 1990. Declaré joined forces with other cosmetics corporations to obtain further scientifically substantiated knowledge. Cosmetics from Declaré Switzerland are now sold in more than 40 countries and numerous beauty salons swear by skin care from Declaré, which is particularly pleasant on sensitive skin.

Gentle care for delicate skin

Declaré Switzerland offers almost a dozen different ranges for the face alone. From Soft Cleansing and Age Control to Stress Balance and Caviar Perfection, Declaré uses different ingredients and formulas to create specific products for specific skin types. This ensures targeted treatment and fast, long-lasting visible results on the skin. The products strengthen the skin’s barrier, reduce sensitivity, and minimise irritation and redness. Additionally, the cells in the face are actively protected to counteract impurities and imperfections in the complexion.

Declaré Switzerland for all events

The high-quality products won the Spa Diamond Award in 2010 and 2013. In the meantime, sun care products, products especially for men, and various make-up products have been added to expertly complete the Swiss brand’s multi-faceted range. The skin care products can be used at any age and by men as well as women. Especially on sensitive skin!