The One Women's fragrances by Dolce&Gabbana

Finding oneself, enjoying life and not having to forego anything in the process are some of the major goals of happy people. The One by Dolce&Gabbana underscores this idea in its own way. An extravagant gold design, completely in line with great festivity and glamour, for an unforgettable fragrance. Whether provocative of playful, this unique composition will bring you into unheard of squares. Experience the luxury of the 21st century, enjoy the sensuousness. Glamorous in Gold - completely clothed in glamorous gold, The One stages its Oriental & floral composition of Madonna lily, plum and vanilla. The modern interpretation of luxury, rounded off by a touch of provocation. It was created for the ultimate diva - the one is seductive, modern and glamorous, crowned by a touch of classicism, all at the same time.