Vitamin C serum

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Vitamin C serum: A radiant complexion with a healthy glow

It’s hard to imagine a bathroom cabinet without it – a vitamin C serum. The small bottles are packed with an exciting and powerful active ingredient. Vitamin C protects the skin cells and promotes an even complexion. The serum is known as an anti-ageing product and infuses the skin with a healthy glow every day. The perfect complement to your daily skincare routine.

Serum with vitamin C and additional active ingredients

Vitamin C is in itself an energising ingredient. It can promote the formation of collagen and so indirectly has a positive effect on numerous parts of the body. Vitamin C serum is also effective in tackling pigment spots and other signs of ageing.

Combining vitamin C with other skin care ingredients is the best way to ensure optimal all-round care for the skin. Manufacturers add numerous other ingredients to their Vitamin C serums that promise a positive effect on the skin, depending on what they want to focus on with their products. For example:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Other vitamins (e.g. vitamin E)
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Ferulic acid
  • Citrus fruit extracts

The active ingredients enhance the power of the C vitamins and add the finishing touches to the cosmetic product. This means that a serum with vitamin C also cares for the skin when there are impurities, pigment spots or acne. What’s more, most of the products smell fabulous and put us in a good mood first thing in the morning.

Vitamin C serum: Effect and how to use

Vitamin C protects skin cells from the effects of negative environmental factors and helps us build collagen in the deep layers of the skin. The body’s own ability to produce collagen diminishes with age. This is why it is so important to give the skin the best possible assistance along the way. Like other antioxidants, vitamin C binds so-called free radicals so that they are no longer able to damage the skin cells. Free radicals enter our skin as a result of environmental influences. Exhaust fumes, fine dust or internal factors such as stress can be the cause. Providing your body with vitamin C as part of your daily routine helps your skin to maintain its structure.

Using a vitamin C serum is simple and suitable for every day:

  • Cleansing: First, thoroughly cleanse the face and remove dirt and make-up residue. A facial toner can also be used for this purpose.
  • Application: After cleansing, you only need a few drops of the serum, which are gently applied to the facial skin. It’s best to gently pat or massage the serum into the skin using small circular movements.
  • Skin care: It only takes a moment for the vitamin C serum to be fully absorbed into the skin. Then round off the beauty routine with a nourishing face cream or other products.

Thevitamin C serum should be incorporated into your face care routine every morning. Users benefit from radiant facial skin that glows and an even complexion throughout the day.

Vitamin C serum against pigment spots

Vitamin C is said to soothe existing pigment spots and prevent the formation of new pigmentation. This is why the vitamin C serum is popular with people who experience hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C serum is suitable for a wide range of skin types and fulfils a variety of different needs.

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