Strengthening Cuticle by Herôme

Herôme provides the right care for healthy cuticles

Margreet van Roemburg developed the first treatment for split and brittle nails during her free time over thirty years ago. The product she created was initially sold from her living room or by word of mouth. Contrary to the expectations of professionals, however, this was so successful that she set up her own small company, which got off to a flying start. The products for healthy and attractive nails/b> were so effective that this company is now world famous.

Of course, perfect nail care also means having healthy cuticles. Herôme has formulated a special cream to strengthen them. It boosts the blood flow and makes the skin soft and supple. Not only are dry and cracked cuticles unsightly, they are also a sign of a deficiency within the nailbed. Herôme skincare products remedy this deficiency and help you to regain nice strong fingernails that look lovely with or without polish. The easiest way to strengthen your cuticles is to allow the cream to soak in overnight.