Askew Unisex fragrances by Humiecki & Graef

Humiecki & Graef, perfume and unisex fragrances with feeling

Askew stands for anger. It might sounds strange but the two founders of the company, Fischenich and Müksch, have made it their mission to represent an emotion with each perfume. This is also the reason why they named their label for their two grandmothers, Helena Humicina and Katharina Graef. But anyone who thinks the fragrance from Humiecki & Graef is harsh, an affront, a denunciation of traditional men’s fragrances or unisex fragrances, should educate themselves a bit better. This is because Askew wants to do away with the clichés. Birch tar, grapefruit, cardamom, ginger, leather, Egyptian mimosa and vetiver form a fragrance than can build something new after the anger, the destruction. Initially, the perfume breaks down everything connected with normal men’s fragrances, hence the fragrance is also unbelievably popular as a unisex fragrance. Once the top notes have been freed from tradition, the fresh lively notes appear to again create a new fragrance experience. With Askew, Humiecki & Graef have succeeded in their mission to infuse a fragrance with anger.