Blask Unisex fragrances by Humiecki & Graef

Blask from Humiecki & Graef ensures a surprise

With each perfume, Humiecki & Graef wish to express an emotion and at the same time create wonderful unisex fragrances. Blask is Polish for shine and brilliance and describes this fragrance really well. Laurel. Floral notes, elegant agarwood, also known as oud, and walnut wood gives this fragrance an irresistible something. But instead of brilliant shine, which you might expect given the name, the fragrance stands for the trust that is so strong and vulnerable. Creating a perfume that has no fragrance pyramid but rather its own specially created fragrance star which can in turn be turned into emotions, was and is the vision of the founders of Humiecki & Graef who, with Blask, have created one of the most beautiful and unusual unisex fragrances. Men perceive the fragrance differently to women and can scarcely believe that is the same perfume. Give the fragrance a bit of time to unleash its power, in other words: just trust in it.