La Panthère Women's fragrances by Cartier

La Panthère is a totally new fragrance creation from the French luxury brand, Cartier, that only celebrated its market launch in 2014. The perfume was designed by the experienced nose, Mathilde Laurent, and comes in an oblong flaçon which uses beige colours with a golden and slightly silver shimmer. The fragrance was created especially for passionate and free women and is attractive mainly due to its flowery nuances and a very succinct note of gardenia. As is common with women’s fragrances, the luxury brand has focussed on using a hearty and warm base.

Luxury perfume for everyday use and special occasions

The opener of the La Panthère line of fragrances by Cartier features a combination of apricot, apple, rhubarb and a variety of dry fruit. In the middle, only the succinct gardenia is used which lends the fragrance its primary character. The base note comprises musk ketone and oakmoss. If you prefer genial, inviting and always appropriate women’s fragrances, the La Panthère line may be ideal for you. Once again, Cartier has succeeded in creating an innovative perfume that can totally inspire even critical noses.