KMS Hair products

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KMS: Products for all hair types

In 1976, Gary Smith, Dick Kornfield and Jamey Mazzotta founded the KMS brand in Redding, California. As a biochemist, it was Mazzotta's passion to create innovative mixtures with high-quality ingredients. He investigated their special effect on the hair under his microscope and from the beginning he created a forward-thinking transparency about how effective KMS hair care is. The brand, which was still young at the time, quickly developed into a pioneer in haircare, impressing men and women alike with its high-performance products.

KMS products with tried-and-tested TRIfinity technology

KMS stands out with its amazing choice of shampoos, care and styling products, with any desired combination possible. This is made possible by the so-called TRIfinity technology, with which you can get the best out of every hairstyle. The innovative 3-step system is based on a system approach developed by KMS and includes:

  • START-products with AHA compounds improve hair structure and are suitable for styling prep.
  • STYLE-products with innovative shaping blends meet the specific styling needs of hair with different textures.
  • FINISH-products with flexible sealing compounds prolong the styling effect, protect against humidity and make the look last up to three days.

KMS products are inspired by trendy styles that manufacturers are picking up on all over the world, whether on the catwalk or on the street. The simple grouping into START, STYLE and FINISH makes choosing incredibly easy. Thanks to the high-quality ingredients, which are perfectly harmonised, they offer peak performance and easily perfect hairstyles.

KMS hare care for different needs

KMS is the ideal option for achieving beautiful, nourished hair. The innovative, highly effective KMS products are suitable for many different demands. No matter whether the issue is dandruff, split ends, frizz, dryness or lacklustre curls, the hair specialist has a solution for almost every hair problem. Shampoos, conditioners and styling products are available with modern ingredients that meet the highest standards.

Many KMS products such as dry shampoo, moulding paste or leave-in conditioner have been in the range permanently for many years. These have been joined by fashionable products such as temporary colour spray, with which hair colour can be changed to suit your mood, or a shampoo bar that doesn’t require plastic packaging. Especially popular lines include:

  • KMS Addvolume: This product range is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of fine hair. The combination of the individual products makes hair easier to manage and forms a reliable foundation for long-lasting styles.
  • KMS Colorvitality: Coloured hair has special needs. KMS supports you in ensuring that the colour stays radiant for a long time. This product range also offers special care for blond hair to make the colour shine.
  • KMS Hairplay: In this range, you’ll find products such as hair gels, pastes and sprays that add longevity to your hairstyle without weighing it down. The textures are still so light that your hair will maintain a natural feel, yet your style will still last all day.

Many of the KMS haircare product ranges also offer gift sets. They are suitable for cleansing, caring for and styling the hair. They include shampoo, leave-in conditioner and hairspray. These products are all perfectly harmonised. Thanks to being packaged in a stylish make-up bag, they are suitable for travelling, as a tester or a gift.

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