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Fanola: Passionate and creative Italian haircare

The Fanola haircare brand is made in Italy and stands for passion, a fashionable image and continuous product optimisation. It was founded in 2005 by a group of several companies. Within a very short space of time the brand had evolved into one of the leading professional haircare products in the world, and it continues to launch new products and innovations today.

Fanola products contain powerful active ingredients and are suitable for all types of hair. Delivering consistent high quality at affordable prices – 100 ml shampoo costs around EUR 5 – Fanola offers excellent value for money. In fact, anyone can buy Fanola because the brand is affordable and perfect for everyday haircare, offering the same quality and effectiveness as more expensive products.

What’s so special about Fanola products?

Fanola shampoo is cruelty-free and suitable for any type of hair. There’s a product in the range for every colour – from blonde and natural brunette to bold and bright colours. Besides the haircare products, such as shampoos, hair masks and conditioners, the Fanola range includes hair styling products. So users can cover all their haircare needs with the Fanola products.

The brand also has a modern image that is based around Italian lifestyle and quality. If you’re looking for a reliable haircare partner, you can’t go wrong with Fanola.

What haircare series does Fanola offer?

Fanola products are available individually or in sets. Each of the care lines include several products, such as:

  • Fanola No Yellow: The products in the Fanola No Yellow series are perfect for the reliable elimination of brassiness from bleached hair. They contain purple pigments to cool down the blonde and add a silvery sheen. People with grey hair who use the No Yellow products can actually achieve a radiant white look.
  • Fanola No Red: This shampoo was developed to enhance the colour of naturally brown hair. It gets rid of any unwanted red shades and there is also a No Red hair mask along with the shampoo.
  • Fanola No Orange: This haircare line also neutralises unwanted orange in the hair, especially dark colour-treated hair. It removes copper nuances, moisturises the hair and hydrates the scalp. The shampoo and mask are suitable for everyday use.

But Fanola products aren’t just for colour treated hair. There are also products for natural hair colours that condition, nourish and reduce breakage, as well as restore shine. There is even a Fanola shampoo for permed hair in the range.

Buy Fanola product and benefit from the fabulous offers

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