Uniqone Hair care by Revlon Professional

Uniqone by Revlon Professional nurtures dry and damaged hair and protects it against the heat emitted during straightening and drying. The nurturing ingredients in this cosmetic improve combability and help to avoid split ends.Thanks to its silky & creamy texture, the Uniqone All In One Conditioning Shampoo ensures an instant sensation of care and cleanliness. It makes the hair shiny, strengthens it without stressing it, and reduces hair breakage.The Revlon Professional Uniqone Hair Treatment is persuasive due to its anti-frizz effect and the colour protection supplied by UVA and UVB filters. This hair care products lends fullness and volume and guarantees longer stability of the hairstyle.We also carry both products in a wonderful coconut-scented variant.

Beautiful hair thanks to Revlon

Revlon Professional was launched in 1932. There was only a single product initially: a nail polish considered as the prototype of all today’s nail polishes. Although the company was founded in the era of economic crisis, Revlon continued to steadily grow. The main reasons for this were the emerging perm fashion, the associated rising number of salons and the increasing make-up awareness of women in the USA. In the 1960s, Revlon expanded its assortment to include hair care products and cosmetics, such as lotions and perfumes. The extensive product portfolio now offers an appropriate care series to suit every hair type and meet every requirement with shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, oils and hair-colouring agents.The Revlon brand has not gone unnoticed by the stars either. Celebrities and style icons, such as Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde and Jessica Biel swear by these cosmetic products.