Korres - Anti-ageing - Black Pine Serum Korres - Anti-ageing - Black Pine Serum

Black Pine Serum by Korres

30 ml

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Description by Anti-ageing Black Pine Serum by Korres

With the Black Pine Serum, Korres has created an anti-ageing product that is persuasive in many respects. Sallow appearance, loss of tension, wrinkles and lines are unsightly signs of ageing. This anti-ageing product allows you to targetedly combat these complaints. The skin becomes firmer and tighter: The skin’s elasticity is enhanced, the complexion receives a youthful appearance.

A masterly product

The Black Pine Serum contains various active agents. These include extracts of black pine and polyphenoles. Oat polysaccharides achieve an immediate tightening of the skin. Rapeseed proteins remove melanin deposits, lighten the skin and free it of pigmentations. Korres has invested all its knowledge and an unimaginable power of innovation in this product. Benefit from a care product that is bound to persuade you!

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