Eyes Make-up by Lavera

Beauty radiant eyes are the highlight of all make-up. The eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras, or eyebrow pencils from the Lavera make-up range by the house of Laverana give women’s eyelids, brows, and lashes the desired power of expression and defines them naturally. Bright colours are obtained from purely plant-based basic ingredients and minerals. The innovative eye-friendly formulas of the cosmetic products are best-suited to normal and even sensitive skin types. The natural colours are easily removed with a day cream and cotton pads.

Bright and beautiful eyes with natural colours from Lavera

For many years, the Laverana institute has placed great value on the tolerability of the cosmetics and make-up products it sells. Therefore, absolutely no synthetic additives are used in the manufacture of eye make-up either. The plant-based and mineral ingredients are as sensitive as possible. For normal and glamorous make-up, you can choose from many different tones and shades. The natural make-up from the Lavera cosmetics range is well-suited to women of all ages and is just as easy to remove as it is to apply.