Facial care Skin care by LIGNE ST BARTH

Face Care from the Ligne St Barth brand is distinguished by high-quality care and cosmetics products. The well-known family company was founded in 1983 on the Caribbean island of St. Barthelemy. The Brin family used the recipes handed down from their grandmother who was very familiar with the healing art of the Arawak Indians. All cosmetics products are produced exclusively on the tropic island of St. Barthelemy. Inspiration from local, native healing arts is combined with modern manufacturing techniques. The family’s first care product was developed from a deep-red roucouyer seed which has an extremely high provitamin A content. This stimulates skin’s own protection and its natural melanin production.

Modern face care on a traditional and innovative basis

The care elixirs from the tropical Caribbean islands have long been a secret held by make-up artists, photographers and top models. The demand for high-quality cosmetics articles has allowed the company to grow and grow. In 1993, the first German subsidiary was founded and offered the full range of luxurious Body Lotions, Face Care products and Massage products. The influence of exotic plants, tropical fruits and Caribbean blossoms has allowed the Ligne St Barth range to become something extraordinary.

The variety opens up never before dreamt of possibilities

The Ligne St Barth care range opens up never before dreamt of possibilities. The highly effective products make smaller lines disappear and contribute to a taut, youthful and radiant complexion. Whether it’s a Papaya Peeling, Cream Mask, Day Cream, Cleansing Milk or Melon Tonic Lotion: this range leaves nothing to be desired. The products moisturise skin thoroughly and make it supple and taut. Let yourself be won round by a comprehensive range of high-quality care products and benefit from products that are known worldwide for their proven formulas!