M.Micallef perfume

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M. Micallef perfume – irresistibly creative fragrances

The luxury brand M. Micallef invites you to immerse yourself in its fragrant universe. Each Eau de Parfum is a compositional masterpiece and tells stories full of promise. You will discover many unisex fragrances that reflect the brand’s versatility and variety in the range. You’ll find your new favourite fragrance here – for special occasions or for a little bit of luxury in everyday life.

M. Micallef – Art and perfume from a family business

M. Micallef came into being in 1996 in Grasse. The founder of the same name is the creative soul there, while her partner Geoffrey Nejman is the “nose”. The combination of their skills quickly led Parfums Micallef to international success. Only the finest raw materials are used. Many of them come from their own garden, including tuberose and jasmine. Shop highlights from M. Micallef perfumes at great prices at parfumdreams.

Multifaceted fragrances from M. Micallef

Live your diversity with the perfumes from M. Micallef. They invite you to explore and learn to love your opposites. The Eaux de Parfums accompany you all day long and envelop you in a touch of floral elegance, without being overpowering. The fragrances are as colourful as life itself. Discover delightful and expressive M. Micallef unisex fragrances that impress with their creative compositions and elegance.

Jewels are the eye-catcher on every piece of jewellery. The Jewel series from M. Micallef brings together the brand's most fascinating fragrances under one roof. Each creation is an intensely fragrant Eau de Parfum. Even the smallest amount of these highlights is enough to enchant you all day long.

For an Eau de Parfum from M. Micallef to unfold its beguiling fragrance to optimum effect, spray it directly onto the skin. Apply to areas where there is a lot of blood flow, such as the wrist or the crook of the neck. Slowly work your way up to the right amount and your favourite fragrance will give you pleasure for a long time.

M. Micallef perfumes – the facets of love

Each of the unisex fragrances from the M. Micallef Secret of Love series describes a different kind of love. Sensual seduces with an oriental bouquet and is reminiscent of hot nights under a foreign sun. Spiritual touches the transcendental in us with pink berries, bergamot and benzoin, and shows that love eludes the rational mind. By contrast, Délice with its orange, spices and plums is synonymous with the fruity temptation of fresh new love.

Buy Micallef perfume and immerse yourself in foreign worlds

Fragrances as multifaceted, courageous and original as life itself – these are the exceptional creations from M. Micallef perfume. Discover your sensual, playful side, wrap yourself in a whisper of self-confidence or celebrate your femininity. Each fragrance whisks you away to its own world.