Molinard Parfum

The French Molinard brand is on of the most traditional fragrance manufacturers in Europe. Founded in the French town of Grasse in 1849, the family company has been offering exquisite perfume in countless collections for five generations. Fresh essences from the French countryside play an equally big role in the development of new fragrances as oriental and extraordinary notes do, ensuring that women can trust in the right perfume for any occasion. Complemented by other items such as Lotions or Soaps, fragrance are the most important product from the traditional brand even today.

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In order to benefit from the full variety of the Molinard perfume brand, it’s worth taking a look at the individual product ranges in this category. Ranges such as Les Fleurs or Les Fruits have been part of the Grasse-based company’s selection for decades and their names indicate floral or fruity essences in the core notes. Product ranges such as Habanita or Les Orientaux will whisk you away to distant landers and offer essences far removed from their European homeland. Each perfume from this extraordinarily varied manufacturer can be purchased from us at an attractive price.