Nina Women's fragrances by Nina Ricci

A modern fairy tale... once upon a time, there was Nina... a pretty and young heroine of today. With her seductive name and cheerful smile, she emits a visible charm. She is the embodiment of grace, and her freshness is almost disarming... Nina Ricci is her kingdom, a world shaped by elegance and serenity. Infatuated with romanticism and devoted to the search for femininity, she is yearning for a very special perfume, an original and never before experienced fragrance. A magic potion, which would engulf every moment with the colours of their dreams. It will immediately imprison you, just like it carries its and her name. After a few seconds, the fragrance shows its magical notes and the charm of experienced contrasts: the zesty scent chord of Calabrian lemon and green lime is followed by a soft and caramelised heart note with the petal essences of peony and moon flower, subtly enveloped with delicate vanilla. The base is formed from the light woods of the apple tree and white cedar, rounded off in a refined way with sensual musk. Conceived by Nina Ricci and created with a magic wand.