Complexion Make-up by Nuxe

Your complexion is the basis for a beautiful, well-maintained face. Not only should it look healthy but ideally also display a natural radiance, be exceptionally soft and simply feel good to touch. To achieve all of these, French brand Nuxe Paris offers a number of care and make-up products for the face. Nuxe’s make-up range relies on high-quality foundations and matching powders, which conceal irregularities, blemishes, signs of ageing and impurities reliably and for long periods. Leaving the base of the skin looking smoother, more even and stunningly beautiful.

High-quality cosmetics for women

Nuxe Paris’ make-up products for the complexion can be applied both generously and on problem areas. Not only do the products conceal impurities and spots, they also create an even skin tone. Under the surface, the skin is deeply conditioned by the high-quality products, which should be followed up in the evening by a cleanser and moisturiser. The diversity of the product range means you can easily find items to suit your complexion, and thanks to their practical packaging you can also take them with you on your travels.