Accessories Skin care products by OPI

OPI has been producing innovative hand and nail care products of the very highest level for more than 30 years. Aside from premium cosmetic products, beautiful hands and feet also require a certain level of preparation and ongoing care after the colourful and radiant nail lacquer has been applied. Women therefore benefit from numerous accessories ensuring a professional level of preparation and a perfect finish for exclusive nail lacquers and care products for your hands and feet.

Professional nail care with innovative cosmetic products by OPI/

The right preparation using innovative care products helps significantly increase the shine and durability of nail lacquer on your hands and feet. Furthermore, the accessories make it easier to apply the various colours, which will then look shinier as well. Care products such as the Brilliance Block help remove dirt and dry cuticles from your nails while also polishing them at the same time. The RapiDry Spray or Drip & Dry, which helps your lacquer to dry quickly after it has been applied, are just as helpful. The accessories from the cosmetics range by OPI support women in their daily nail care routine and ensure long-lasting nourished hands and feet at the same time too.