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Description by Techni Liss Nuit by Payot

The Techni Liss Nuit Peeling by Payot frees the skin of residue and dead skin scales, as the peeling soothingly removes them without any irritation. The cream works overnight and optimises the skin’s structure, making it smoother, firmer and younger. In addition, the peeling effect naturally sets in and works very gently, thanks to the long application duration. Instead of peeling irritating the skin, the night cream frees it of residue as gently and soothingly as possibly.

Nurturing night cream with peel effect

The extremely tolerable Techni Liss Nuit Night Cream by Payot can be used daily. The peeling effect ensues in several stages, thus slowly freeing the skin of dead skin cells and scales. The cream is ideally complemented during the day by an equally gentle day cream, which replenishes the moisture balance even more and creates a pleasant basis for applying make-up.

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