Toothpaste Skin care by Swissdent

Care for a radiant smile, thanks to the Swissdent toothpaste

Vadav Velkoborsky is a Swiss dentist who has now been occupying himself with aesthetic dentistry for decades. He is aware of patients’ wishes, the possibilities offered by dentistry and is also familiar with the dangers of bleaching. That was why he developed a special toothpaste, which he originally distributed as a gift to his patients. However, demand increased beyond measure in just one year. As a result, in 2006 he founded his extremely successful company, which distributes the patented Doctor Velkoborsky Toothpaste globally.

The Swissdent Toothpaste not only makes teeth white again, it also nurtures them. Tea, coffee, nicotine and red wine deposits are gently removed and the teeth regain their beautiful appearance. Unlike conventional toothpastes, the Swissdent care product manages with an RDA of 24. Normal toothpastes, which are intended to make teeth whiter, often have an RDA of more than 100. RDA is the measure for the erosion of tooth enamel. However, the Dr. Velkoborsky care product is successful, completely harmless and can be used every day.