Lips Make-up by Tana

A lipstick that adapts to the individual colour of your lips is an absolute dream situation for any make-up look. Thanks to the Egypt Wonder lipstick, Tana of Germany has managed to develop a lipstick for your daytime and night-time make-up look that is able to achieve precisely this. The special formula of ingredients and active ingredients in the lipstick responds to the pH value of your skin, adapting its shade precisely in line with your complexion. Your skin is delicately nourished with silk and jojoba oil.

Individual lip care for beautiful daytime make-up and glamorous night-time make-up looks

Tana has indulged women of all ages with exceptional beauty products for almost 80 years. In doing so, the company is constantly bringing the personal radiance and beauty of its customers to the fore. The innovative care products for your eyes, lips and nails ensure the perfect finish for any make-up look as well as long-lasting and permanently beautiful radiance too. The lip care products by this institution are recommended for women of any age with normal skin types.