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Stay Styled Hairspray by Wella

50 ml

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150 ml

BP: €3.39* / 100 ml 150 ml

300 ml

BP: €3.39* / 100 ml 300 ml

500 ml

BP: €2.58* / 100 ml 500 ml

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Description by Finish Stay Styled Hairspray by Wella

Wella, a long-established brand, has managed to create the perfect addition to its products with the Stay Styled hairspray from the Finish range. It makes it possible to create complex and unique hairstyles with great hold. Here is where hold level 3 comes into its own: even with longer hair, it fixes every strand in the position it should remain for the rest of the day. To ensure that this spray from the Professionals Styling range is fully effective, it should be held at arm’s length and sprayed uniformly.

Style that holds all day long – thanks to Wella

Stay Style hairspray is available in either 50 ml, 300 ml or 500 ml spray cans and its handy open/close cap means you can take it with you when you travel as well. Because this is a finishing product, hair should be fully styled already before spraying – the hairspray only allows a certain degree of active styling. But it means that perfectly styled hairstyles can be securely fixed.

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