Natural Shade SP Men by Wella

The Natural Shade line is perfect if you would like to gradually revert to your natural hair colour. The range, from the minds of the experts at Wella, has been specially designed for men who would like to inconspicuously revert to their natural hair colour. This is useful if you no longer like your current hair colour, it has faded or you are simply looking for something new yet natural. In order to achieve the result individually and naturally, the SP Men range by Wella uses a number of pigments.

Natural processes for a natural result

The SP Men Natural Shade line hair cosmetics include numerous pigments which are initially activated by fresh air. Then they provide long term and continuous re-pigmentation of the hair so that they bring back your natural colour naturally and without causing a huge stir. The care range functions completely naturally and therefore delivers individual and healthy results. Later on, the result can even be further intensified and controlled in case increments need to be made or if the process needs to be accelerated.