Tonic SP Men by Wella

Every day, men face many challenges to their appearance caused by stress and environmental factors, which can be combatted with the help of the right hair products and care, making for an aesthetically pleasing exterior. The hair specialist Wella offers articles aimed at men with its SP Men product range; for example, a high quality tonic which revives the scalp and hair. The tonic from this range is available in several varieties, and can be used on sensitive or oily hair when required.

With a hair tonic by Wella, for attractive hair for men

As a product from the SP Men range, the tonic's main priority is the reduction of oil in the hair. This can be done naturally, or can be mixed into the hair with gel or lacquer. Adapted to suit each different hair type, using these haircare products from Wella SP Men results in an essential cleansing of the scalp, which reaches deep and vitalises the hairline. When combined with the right men's shampoo and the right products for each particular hair type, regular use of this product will guarantee attractive-looking hair. Wella's special men's hair products also come at appealing prices, as you can see from our online store!