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Remove Tonic by Wella

125 ml

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125 ml

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Description by Tonic Remove Tonic by Wella

Wella’s Remove tonic is a treatment that is perfect for men with mild to severe dandruff. The tonic cares for the scalp, soothes it and covers it with a protective film that inhibits the possible build-up of residues left by products such as gel, spray and wax. The unique formula gives hair increased vitality, which reduces dandruff formation – a result you can see and feel. For best results, Wella’s Remove tonic should ideally be applied to a clean scalp.

The cleansing treatment for men’s scalps

The tonic comes in 125 ml bottles and can be used daily. In order to avoid over-stimulating the scalp, one day should be skipped after several consecutive days of use. The acids contained in this product not only produce great results for the scalp but they also strengthen the hair and make it less vulnerable to damaging external influences.

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