How to: Sun-kissed skin

A beautiful tan in an instant? Conjure up a summer glow on your skin with our self-tanning products! What do you need to consider before applying your self-tanner and how do you achieve an even complexion without stains or streaks? Find out now in our Self-Tanning Guide.

Good vibes & tan lines

Self-tanning: What do I need to look out for?

When it comes to self-tanning, preparation is everything. Flakes of dead skin and rough patches, e.g. on the elbows, can cause a more intensive tan to develop, creating a patchy look. It's important to scrub the skin thoroughly in order to avoid this! It's actually best to use your scrub 24 hours before applying your self-tanner to give your skin enough time to regenerate and ensure a streak-free finish.

A beautiful tan with no stains or streaks

To achieve an even tan, we recommend using your self-tanner sparingly. Application can be particularly tricky in hairy areas or in spots such as your knees and elbows, often leading to patches of fake tan. Our tip: Mix your self-tanner with your body lotion and apply it extremely carefully! Tanning mitts are also an essential – not only do they protect your hands, they also ensure an even skin tone.

Self-tanner: Apply the right amount

What is the right amount? It's best to build it up slowly: Preferably, you should apply your tanning cream sparingly every day until you have reached your desired shade of golden brown. After that, it’s enough to apply your self-tanner two or three times per week to freshen up your tan and make it last longer. Did you have a self-tanning accident? No problem – just take a bath! This opens up the top layer of your skin, allowing any unevenness to be scrubbed away more easily.

The right self-tanner for your face

Most self-tanning products intended for the body are more fluid and therefore not suitable for the face. It's best to reach for products that were specially designed for facial use here. If you have sensitive skin, be especially careful in ensuring your self-tanner contains no fragrances or alcohol. You should also take care when applying it! In doing so, avoid your eyebrow area and the roots of your hair to avoid stains.

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