In the spotlight: Sunscreen

Summer holidays are being booked, the anticipation of warm days, sunbathing and beautiful tanned skin is growing. With the right sunscreen, you will protect your skin from ageing, UV rays, sunburn and skin cancer.

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How does sunscreen protect and care for your skin?


With a combination of organic, mineral or combined filters, sunscreen or sun milk ensures that your skin is protected from aggressive UV rays. Organic UV filters transfer UV rays into harmless heat energy, which triggers a protective mechanism. Mineral filters such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide reflect sunlight – the higher the sun protection factor, the more intensive the reflection.


How long does sunscreen last?


If your product is still in its original packaging or unopened, you can use the product for three years. If your sunscreen has been lying on the beach in the direct sun for days or in the sand in summer, you should discard it at the end of summer.


What do you need to consider when you use old sunscreen?

You can always use the expiration date of the product as a guide. This date specifies how long you can keep the sunscreen in its unopened condition. In addition to the expiration date, there is also an image of an open jar. This symbol shows how long the present opened sunscreen will last.

What should I do with my expired sunscreen?

If your sunscreen has exceeded the manufacturer’s expiration date, you should check whether it smells unusual or the consistency has changed before you use it again. If it is not the case, you can use the old sunscreen. Please take note of the following tips so you can use your sunscreen for as long as possible: Store the sunscreen in a cool place and keep it out of direct sunlight. Clean the opening of the tube after use to avoid contaminating it with germs.

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