For the perfect beach look

Summer Scents Beach Look Sunscreen Sun protection for the hair! Sun protection for every skin type! Good to know: Help for sunburn

Beach-Look Eyes Make-up

Everything is baby blue!

Make a statement with your summer make-up. Apply a gorgeous shade of blue to your eyelids. With baby-blue eye make-up, you will shine like the sea and be beach-ready.

Beach-Look Make-up

endless summer

Light, creamy textures are a must-have this summer! A cream blush will keep your skin hydrated during summer instead of drying it out like powder rouge. Creamy textures can be optimally combined with your favourite skincare product and your sun protection.

Don’t forget: Lip care!


Remember that your body and your face are not the only parts of you that require sunscreen. You also need to protect your lips against UV rays. For this reason, you should look for a lip balm with a high sun protection factor.

How to: Beach waves

One day at the beach and our hair gets a casual wavy look from the sun and salt water. With our tips, you can easily imitate these popular beach waves with a curling iron at home:

  1. Comb your hair well and apply a heat protection spray. If you washed your hair beforehand, first give it a blow-dry.
  2. Wind your hair around the curling iron, from outside to inside, section by section. To make the look as natural as possible, wind some sections in the other direction and make sure that the sections of hair are not all the same size.
  3. Then loosen up your curls with your fingers or comb them carefully.
  4. Use a little hair spray to fix in place.

Tip: the curls should not look like you did them on purpose – for this reason you should ideally use a curling iron with a larger diameter.

Beauty tools for the perfect beach waves