Puder Make-up by ARTDECO

Make-up and powder by Artdeco impress in many different ways

Although the company was formed several years ago, it has nevertheless managed to catapult itself right to the top of the cosmetics industry. This success is down to the fact that the company responds to the individual wishes of its customers. At the same time, Artdeco introduces two brand new colours each year, inspiring women in more than 13 countries worldwide. Creating a make-up look with Artdeco products is as varied as the individuals themselves using the products. From really discreet to colourful and striking, the company has everything you need to create your look.

Another reason why the products are so popular is the incredible amount of refillable items. This helps you to save money and resources, and protect the environment as well. The wonderfully delicate powder can of course be refilled as well. Cosmetic professionals know full well how important powder is to creating the perfect make-up look, which is why it is both pressed as well as loose. The product range also includes a Fixing Powder to create a waterproof look.