Did you know?

By its own admission, Artdeco has been able to become one of the most successful brands in German beauty institutes and perfumeries within just a few years. Artdeco cosmetics are unique, offer more than just make-up in its purest form, and, thanks to the refillable products, also make sense financially. The individual products from the Artdeco cosmetics range can be combined with each other exceptionally easily and effectively to create comprehensive skin care and a completely individual aesthetic effect. Special and trendy products are also combined in the Artdeco range for high-quality cosmetics at a fair price.

Innovation and care meet

The cosmetics from Artdeco continually set new standards, become market innovations, or are reinterpretations of existing product collections. True classics, such as Artdeco Glam Vintage, provide an inimitable look that can recreate an authentic retro feeling with their vintage touch. The Artdeco Glam Vintage Collection draws on the style of the 1920s, skilfully emphasising the highlights of a woman and creating a wonderful retro play of colour. The collection features diverse make-up products and ensures an unforgettable look that is a homage to the heyday of culture, art, and glamorous appearances. Glam Vintage complements other collections such as Love is in the Air, Shine Couture, and Pure Minerals Line Extension.

Diverse range for different individual applications

Artdeco offers special products for hands, feet, the body, and the face. Besides the make-up lines already mentioned, the company also offers various skin care creams, many of which are part of the Skin Yoga line. Here, the company uses high-quality ingredients and established processes to create first class products.