Arancia di Capri Unisex fragrances by Acqua di Parma

A journey to the Mediterranean Sea: Blu Mediterraneo begins the harmony and sun-soaked beauty of one of the most fascinating landscapes in Italy. The five fragrances will remind you of the dreamy, exclusive refuge of your last holiday in Capri, in Tuscany or on the Amalfi coast. Each scent creation is a homage to the most beautiful regions in Italy, and combines the special traditions, colours and smell of this small Mediterranean paradise. The Italian gentleman and his spouse wear the Colonia cult fragrances day to day in Florence, Milan or Parma; but for a cruise around Capri or along the Costa Smeralda, they prefer Blu Mediterraneo. Authentic Mediterranean sensations for cosmopolitan individuals, and fragrances, which are as natural, clear and clean as a day on the Mediterranean sea - this is Blu Mediterraneo.