Colonia Unisex fragrances by Acqua di Parma

Pure Italian joie de vivre and prestigious products, which are crafted by hand in Italy to this day. This is the world of the Colonias by Acqua di Parma. It comprises of three fragrances: Firstly, the classic fragrance “Colonia”, the original from the year 1916. “Colonia Assoluta” is the contemporary interpretation of the classic fragrance “Colonia”. And finally, the sharp, masculine variety, “Colonia Intensa”. According to the haute parfumerie, all three Colonias have one thing in common: the characteristic fragrance build-up of a classic eau de cologne. The head note captivates through sophisticated Calabrian and Sicilian citrus fruits, followed by a floral heart note. The fragrance is rounded up with a sensual woodenly base note. Depending on the Colonia, tingling fresh citrus notes are in the foreground at times, and at other times, it is spicy and leathery chords. All three Colonia variations are delightful fragrances for ladies and gentlemen, for stylish individualists; and coveted by an exclusive international clientèle.