Fate Man Men's fragrances by Amouage

Those who have not yet smelled the Amouage men’s fragrances will be impressed by the Fate Man perfume. The perfume is intended as an homage to fate and to the inevitable course of events. Fresh citrus aromas characterise the top note of the perfume. The refreshing note of absinthe and the pungency of ginger lend the fragrance a very special character.

A fragrance that evokes the senses

The Fate Man fragrance is based on essences of sandalwood, cedar wood and liquorice. Hints of musk and tonka beans lend the fragrance a spicy and masculine character. Essences such as mandarins, cumin, safran, incense and rose ensure diversity and freshness. The high-quality character of the perfume is obvious just from the presentation. The flacon is produced in stylish lead crystal that shimmers in all the colours of the rainbow. The top is gold-plated and overlayed with precious stones.