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Dry Skin / 125 ml

BP: €4.76* / 100 ml Dry Skin / 125 ml

Normal to combination skin / 125 ml

BP: €4.76* / 100 ml Normal to combination skin / 125 ml

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Description by Biosource Lotion by Biotherm

This Biotherm toning lotion is a refreshing and cleansing facial lotion for women from the Biosource care range. The skin is permanently supplied with moisture and receives an even, fresh and above all clear complexion. At the same time, the skin feels silky-soft and is protected against environmental influences. This refreshing, cleansing lotion is available for normal and combination skin as well as dry skin. This care and cleansing product from the Biosource range by Biotherm removes skin blemishes and refines the pores. When used regularly, facial skin looks clearer, purer and vitalised. This rich lotion should be applied with a cotton pad.

The Biosource product is immediately absorbed into the skin

and gets to work right away. The facial lotion should be supplemented with other products from the care range. Biotherm uses almost exclusively natural ingredients, the care series using pure thermal plankton, a special oligo-mineral system and witch hazel extract, for example, in addition to glycol and sugar.

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