High Line Unisex fragrances by Bond No. 9

When do new neighbourhoods arise in New York these days? Rarely. After all, the metropolis is already packed with all manner of conceivable communities. When a new district does emerge here, you can be sure that it will be something extraordinary. And extraordinarily, it – New York’s latest and most dynamic urban development area that is – is named “High Line”, the inspiration for the Eau de Parfum by Bond No. 9 launched in spring 2010. Bond No. 9, the ambassador of New York neighbourhood perfumes, has long been fascinated with the unique flair of High Line: here aromas of urban wild flowers blend with an early industrial ambience, here you can feel the pulsating energy of nearby 10th Avenue as much as the charm of the art galleries of Chelsea... and all of this made Bond No. 9 curious.