Eternity for men Men's fragrances by Calvin Klein

A man, in harmony with himself, his personal relationships and his surroundings. Eternity for Men is a unique expression of vitality and confidence – two properties that stand for a new, masculine attitude towards life. The fragrance mirrors the nature of the modern man – sensitive and spirited, reserved and confident all at the same time. Live forever and enjoy life for an eternity. That’s what today’s man thinks, and that is the scent of modern masculinity. From the dream of everlasting life comes the desire for eternal freedom and happiness. Eternity for Men Eau de Toilette is presented in a modern design: silver, pure glass and clear lines transform the spray into a classically simple work of art – and symbolise timeless aesthetics in a contemporary style. The fusion of time, the reconciliation of its differences, the synthesis of old and new ideas form the theme for the whole collection.