Eternity Now for Her Women's fragrances by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s fragrances have been associated with eternal love and romantic bonds for around 25 years now. Eternity Now draws on these values from the past but now creates a connection to youthful freshness as well as modern intimacy. This fragrance describes young, intoxicating love, to which one reacts spontaneously and playfully. That frisson of getting to know each other still prevails here. Enjoy the moment to the full. And the thought, that two people are made for each other and bound to one another forever.

The famous models Jasmine Tookes and Tobias Sorensen were brought on board for this romantic fragrance. The two are also a couple in real life and so were totally authentic when it came to photo shoots. Jasmine Tookes embodies exactly what Eternity Now for Her wants to convey with its fruity-floral, wonderful composition. The bottle is aspiring but yet has a womanly form and the glorious rose colour also makes it seem very feminine.