Special care Skin care by Charlotte Meentzen

A line of cosmetics has been developed at the Charlotte Meentzen laboratories for the specific and individual needs of various skin types with a large number of Special Treatmentproducts for the daily skincare regime. In the manufacture of these skincare products, the Institute attaches particular importance to ensuring that the precious natural ingredients can be applied to optimum effect. The various creams, fluids, serums and powders can also be used for facial erythrosis which can occur as an early form of rosacea in women of 30 and over.

Special Treatment products for individual needs by Charlotte Meentzen

The skincare products are tailored to various skin types and support the body’s own skin properties. Depending on the skincare product, fine wrinkles and lines are also diminished and the natural resistance of the skin is strengthened with regular use. The Special Treatment products from the Charlotte Meentzen cosmetics laboratories can be supplemented with other product lines by the Institute as required and are recommended particularly for sensitive and delicate skin types. This cosmetics line soothes extremely dry or reddened skin conditions and is also suitable for treating chapped and sore lips.