Shaving brush holders Shaving Shop by ERBE

High-quality shaving brush holders from Becker Manicure match every bathroom perfectly. The holders ensure that the high-quality shaving brush with its badger hairs is not simply left lying around the bathroom gathering dust and thus losing its excellent quality. With the holder, into which the shaving brush is inserted top-down, the head of the brush can also drip dry without problems. This ensures the long-life of the badger hairs, which guarantees a thorough and problem-free shave in the future too.

Holders in various designs and colours

The shaving brush holders from Becker Manicure’s Shaving Shop are already supplied with every shaving set. They come in very different formats, which is why the stands can be perfectly matched to the interior and style of the bathroom. However, what all shaving brush holders have in common is that they unite very classic and contemporary forms. The art of furnishing classic tools with modern accents is one of Becker Manicure’s unique features. Since 1930, the company has produced various tools and utensils that can be used for shaving, manicures, or pedicures. Experience the outstanding quality for yourself!