Eyes Make-up by Elizabeth Arden

Expressive and discreetly made-up eyes have a very seductive and sensual effect. If you have naturally beautiful eyes with long lashes and gently sweeping eyebrows, you can highlight these wonderfully with the perfect make-up. Elizabeth Arden presents high-quality and nourishing make-up for the eyes, starting with mascara and kajal and through to brow pencils and eyeshadow in a myriad of shades. The Beautiful Color Eyeshadow Quad contains four different eye shadows that match each other perfectly in terms of colour. Included are darker tones for a dramatic and glamourous finish as well as lighter tones that can be used as highlighter. The four shadows can be combined with each other and varied whatever way you want. Whether you prefer sharp contours or a gentle blend of colour – the Eyeshadow Quad from Elizabeth Arden is a masterpiece that will leave the eyes radiant.

Nourishing ingredients ensure staying power

The four eyeshadows of the Beautiful Color Eyeshadow Quad contain nourishing ingredients such as vitamins. This means that the eye area will appear lifted and the lids will be smoothed. The gently shimmering colours don’t lose their intensity, even hours after applying. The product is oil-free and skin-friendly. Aside from the four eyeshadows, the box also includes an applicator as well as instructions for the perfect make-up.