Regeneration Hands by Herôme

Herôme keeps hands looking lovely by restoring the skin

Herôme has dedicated a good thirty years to looking after beautiful hands. The company’s founder, Margreet van Roemburg, developed the first solution for soft and split nails in her free time. It was so successful that she was soon able to set up her own company, which rapidly achieved international success by word of mouth. Over the course of time Margreet van Roemburg developed a complete range of skincare products for the restoration of weak nails. These were followed by similarly successful foot care products and a complete line for the eyes.

The products designed to restore the skin and care for the feet or eyes are always based on the same principle: thorough research and effective ingredients rather than empty promises. Your hands have to be incredibly resilient to cope unprotected with all manner of environmental factors, bad weather and much more besides. This makes sustained care all the more important. The products developed by Herôme help the skin and nails to recover, whilst preventing further damage.