Cleansing Nails by Herôme

Just like healthy shiny hair, nice healthy fingernails are every woman’s desire. And yet stunningly attractive fingernails are not a matter of chance, but more a question of proper nourishment and, of course, proper care. Just as high-quality food is part of a healthy diet, so too is it important to be aware of the quality of care products when cleaning and caring for fingernails and cuticles.

Herôme’s range of skincare products fully caters for the requirements of delicate fingernails, which are exposed to many harmful influences every day and therefore need special attention. Most women use hand cream as a matter of course to ensure that they don’t become rough and cracked. However, what they don’t realise is that a regular peeling treatment, combined with a gentle cleanser, keeps the sensitive cuticle skin protecting your nails soft and supple, and is therefore one of the most vital ingredients for strong and beautiful fingernails.