Fougère Royale Men's fragrances by Houbigant

Houbigant Fougère Royale men’s fragrances will enrich your life, either in the form of the fragrance or Eau de Parfum Spray, with their refined blend of fresh, aromatic and herby notes. This exquisite creation is also available in the form of a Deodorant Stick, which combines wonderfully fragrant qualities with delicately nourishing properties that are kind to your skin.

Houbigant perfume

has always been understood for many centuries to enchant time after time. First introduced onto the market in Paris by Jean-François Houbigant in 1775, these clever ladies’ and men’s fragrances have inspired European royalty too. Napoleon arranged for an individual fragrance to be created for Empress Josephine. The perfumery was selected as a supplier to Queen Victoria of England, and after Paul Parquet became a partner in the company, Tsar Alexander III appointed him to his court. The Fougère Royale men’s fragrances offered here can also look back on a long and glorious tradition. When you open a flaçon today, you can feel the spirit of history while enjoying the positive aromas right now too.