Musk Oil Women's fragrances by Jovan

Musk Oil, an often underestimated classic among women’s fragrances

Most people already recognise the perfume from Jovan, perhaps without even realising it. It is a scent which has won over generations of women and is nevertheless often underestimated. Musk Oil was launched in 1973. Since then, the warm orange tones of the packaging have changed just as little as the scent itself. It is simple, unspectacular, downright inconspicuous, yet the fragrance has been a slow burner among women’s scents for 40 years. Thanks to the perfect mixture of soft, spicy and warm notes, a scent has been created which will flatter you like no other. Star anise, peach and bergamot define the top note. Ylang ylang, lavender and cocoa butter fill the heart note. And with a name like Musk Oil, of course there is also a note of musk alongside patchouli, vanilla and vetiver. The perfume is a women’s fragrance which is certainly not intended for young girls, but without a doubt flatters all grown up ladies. If you’re already familiar with the scent, why not pass on the scent from Jovan in the gift set, so that others can become acquainted with it?