Citizen Queen Women's fragrances by Juliette Has a Gun

Citizen Queen is the third fragrance from Juliette Has A Gun. The name alone, a powerful play on Orson Welles’ mysterious film noir “Citizen Kane”, mentally revives the aloof film goddesses of the old Hollywood - above all the self-aware Katherine Hepburn in “African Queen”. Citizen Queen is an homage to the untouchable woman who defies any type of categorisation and the first Juliette Has A Gun fragrance which Romano Ricci has created in its entirety, from conception and composition to designing the flaçon and packaging. A fragrance which, as he puts is: “is as seductive as a woman’s gaze; fascinating, embracing and hard to place”. Available in a flaçon which is just as dedicated to detail as it is a shining piece of jewellery, just like both of its predecessors.