La Mer - Special care - Brightening Mask La Mer - Special care - Brightening Mask

Special care
Brightening Mask by La Mer

6 Applications / 1 Stk.

BP: €238.95* / 1 pcs. 6 Applications / 1 Stk.

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Description by Special care Brightening Mask by La Mer

The Brightening Mask by La Mer is a special care product for fatigued and uneven skin. If you suffer from a slightly uneven complexion or need your skin to look slightly brighter, then this Mask is the perfect choice for you. It is perfectly suited for combination, dry and mature skin and supplies your skin with sufficient moisture, while the lightly brightening effect helps make small wrinkles, lines and unevenness on your face disappear. The Mask can be applied directly to your face without any major preparation beforehand; a single pack is enough for 6 applications.

Radiant and beautiful skin thanks to this outstanding care product

The balancing effect of this special care product by La Mer is evident after the first few applications. Once your skin has gone through the full application cycle, i.e. 6 applications, it will look visibly brighter, healthier and more elegant. With the Brightening Mask, you can help restore your skin’s old radiance, while also comprehensively nourishing it and supplying it with sufficient moisture at the same time too.

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